GWT is one of most popular currently existing AJAX tools. In most cases it's an ideal solution for those developers who is not familiar with JavaScript and / or don't want to use it. There may be diffrent reasons why people dislike JavaScript. Here is a list of possible problems which may occur when you have a deal with this language:

  • poor IDEs and debug tools
  • all the erros become obvious only in runtime
  • JavaScript is browser dependent tool (different browsers have different JavaScript implementations)
  • JavaScript is not OOP language
  • it's impossible to cover JavaScript code with unit tests
  • etc

GWT sucessfully solves these disadvantages and does the "lion's share" of work.

But unfortunately the standard (or core) GWT library provides just basic functionlity and not very good range of visual components (widgets). Sure GWT team kept in mind that community will have to develop additional widgets to fill the lacks in rich UI functionality.

One of such extentions is the Advanced GWT Components library - the set of widgets providing additional features not covered by the standard GWT package. The core and most important widgets are powerful grids but the library also contains other useful and interesting tools.

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