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Advanced Flextable Widget contains <thead> and <th> tags

Advanced Flextable Widget contains <thead> and <th> tags

Advanced FlexTable is a widget that extends the standard GWT FlexTable. This extension has two major features:

  • <thead> and <th> tags support
  • vertical scrolling

Other functionality is similar to super class. You can use this widget when you need the features listed above, but note that this component is too simple, .i.e it doesn't allow editing cell values, sort columns, etc.

Since version 1.4.5 it's strongly recommeneded to use the Simple Grid insted of this widget because of usability and browser specific look and feel issues. On the other hand the Advanced FlexTable hasn't been marked as deprecated because it still may be used for simple tables in those applications where scrolling and dynamic column resing are not critical.

You can find sample of Advanced FlexTable usage below.


The next sample illustrates how to enable vertical scrolling.

AdvancedFlexTable table = new AdvancedFlexTable();

// create headers and put them in the thead tag
table.setHeaderWidget(0, new Label("First Name"));
table.setHeaderWidget(1, new Label("Surname"));

// enable verticall scrolling

Please note that this sample may not work in your browser and / or can produce unexpected side effects like floating headers (IE) or broken CSS (FireFox).