Using Themes

One of important features of the library is themes support. GWT widgets usually have specific styles which may be used style sheets. If the standard style name start from "gwt-", Advanced GWT Components use another prefix: "advanced-".

Any widget of the library has a least one style. Currently therea are 3 themes included into the package:

  • classic
  • default
  • gray
  • ascetic
Visit the on-line demo to know how they look.

Using themes you can dynamically switch look and feel. To do it use the ThemeHelper class. It's a singleton that stores current theme setting on client side. The sample below shows how you can do it.


To create your own theme you must place in the public folder the following structure of files:

- public
    - advanced
        - themes
            - your_theme_name
                - images

Place your theme images into the images folder.

The easiest way to make a custom theme is to copy one of existent structures and change theme.css.